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Background to the Course &
The School of Economic Science

The Economics, Energy and Environment course emerged from a real and genuine question: why doesn’t our current economic system explain well the various environmental and challenges of the commons that we face today?  Inspired by the study of both Philosophy and Economics in the School of Economic Science, we wanted to offer a holistic view of our economic system which embraced the environment and understanding of our physical sciences.


The study of economics was the founding inspiration for the School. Dismayed by the poverty and despair of the great depression in the early 1930s, the small group of founders became convinced that economics was profoundly misunderstood and set about finding answers that conventional economics had failed to provide. The founders looked for natural laws governing societies. They found inspiration and insight in the writings of Henry George, who highlighted the key significance of access to land and natural resources as an economic factor.


As the study progressed, taking economics to be the laws governing human beings in society, it became obvious that it was necessary to study the nature of the human being, and so began the Practical Philosophy course which is now one of the most popular courses offered by The School.


Consequently, The School is today a centre for spiritual and practical knowledge and enquiry. Our aim is to help anyone who seeks it to lead a fuller, richer and more useful life and to evolve the spiritual aspects of their being in accordance with natural laws. This aim is pursued mainly by offering innovative courses in practical, living philosophy inspired by the philosophy of advaita or unity, and economics with justice.


Philosophy and economics are directly related because, ultimately, economic lifedepends on the philosophy underlying economic systems and on the philosophic culture of the people living and working in an economy. We offer a wide range of other courses, inspired by the broad principles of practical philosophy & economics, as well as seminars, workshops, concerts and lectures. We are a registered charity, founded in 1937.


More information on The School can be found here:

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