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"As long as our economic system is based on chasing economic growth above all else, we are heading for environmental, and economic, disaster."


Herman Daly, Economics blind spot is a disaster for the planet
New Scientist, 15 October 2008


How can we think differently?

WHAT is it all about?

Today we're facing many challenges converging from different directions. On one hand we have environmental degradation, catastrophic oil spills, rising CO2, collapsing fish stocks, and on the other hand we have financial crisis, political unrest, increasing wealth disparity and declining regional towns.


Current economic ideas aren't rooted in the ecological realities of our planet.  What can we learn from looking at the whole?  


The EEE course and conference explores a new view incorporating the latest thinking across economics, ecology, environment and energy, better to understand our world today. 

economics and environment course and conference

5 Week Course

We all know our environment is important and we are facing significant challenge.  But why does society seem unable to adapt our economic life in response?  Can understanding energy and ecology help us see what is really happening in our economic life?  How can we respond to the challenges we face in a rational and coherent way?


This interactive course of 5 evenings over a 5 week period discusses the principles of ecology, energy, economics, and finance.  It explores new perspectives and frameworks which can integrate our economic world into our environment.

We are intending to run the 5 week course again in spring 2017 starting 28 Feb 2017, 7pm – 9:30pm for 5 weeks.  If you are interested in attending the course please register your interest below, and we will let you know as soon as registrations open.

Conference 2014 

John Michael Greer's blog, “The Archdruid Report,” has become one of the most widely cited online resources dealing with the future of industrial society.   He brought his practical insight to the question we all ask ourselves: "I'm just one person.  How can I make a difference?"


How can we really understand nature? Robin de Carteret, with an MSc in systems thinking from Schumacher College, challenged us to take our understanding beyond the theoretical to experience the principles of living systems through an engaging experiential workshop.

john michael greer london
robin de carteret schumacher london
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